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Meet Cleantron in Barcelona

The Smart City Expo World Congress, from November 19 till 21, exists in order to empower cities and collectivize urban innovation across the globe. Urban movement is continuously changing and Battery Technology paves the way for reliable and affordable electric vehicles and safe micro-mobility. Technology that cities need to achieve more truly sustainable urban mobility. For the audience that wants to go beyond greenwashing and make things work.

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Meet Cleantron in Paris

Meet Cleantron at this international event for sustainable mobility solutions. The exhibition covers the areas of active mobility, electrification, autonomous vehicles, shared mobility and connectivity.

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Stella Era

For the fourth time the TU Eindhoven presents a solar car called Stella. Like its predecessors, the Stella Era – equipped with a Battery System from Cleantron- will be used for the World Solar Challenge in Australia.

In this race, the Era will compete for a distance of 3,022 km in the Cruiser class. The Era is a true four-door, which offers plenty of interior space.

The promised performance of this electric solar racing weapon is also impressive. The huge solar panels on the roof would deliver enough energy to cover a whopping 1,800 km under ideal conditions. With four passengers 1,200 km are to be covered.

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Meet Cleantron in Amsterdam

Meet Cleantron in Amsterdam on June 25, 26 and 27 2019 at Amsterdam RAI, The Netherlands.

At the International Electric & Hybrid Marine World Expo 2019 at Stand E1115, Cleantron will present her advanced products and technology in the field of 24V, 48V and 72V Modular Battery Systems for propulsion and intermediate storage in lightweight Marine applications. For more info about the exhibition see: Hybrid & Electric Marine World Expo

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Cleantron Platinum Sponsor Solarteam Eindhoven

Cleantron will be the main partner for the engineering and the building of the BatteryPack for the 2019 Solarcar. The Solarcar that will be unveiled in July 2019.
The Solarteam Eindhoven (see Solarteam Eindhoven University) has access to the know-how at Cleantron and the freedom to be real innovative. Free from preconceptions an energy neutral, stunning, Solar Car will be designed. The belief is that by using the largest infinite source of energy; our Sun, we can make mobility not about energy consumption, but about facilitating energy abundance. The Team 2019 consists of 27 passionate students, backed up by more than 60 alumni.

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Cleantron at EVS in Lyon

This year’s EVS (See also EVS32) is taking place Lyon, France, from the 19th to the 22nd of May 2019. It is the most long-standing electric mobility forum in Europe. This year’s topics include autonomous vehicles, charging infrastructure, battery technology, mobility services, smart grid V2X, Hydrogen, electric heavy duty transportation and urban mobility.

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Meet Cleantron in Stuttgart

From May 7 -9 Cleantron exhibits in Stuttgart at the combined “Battery Show” and “Electric & Hybrid Vehicle Technology Expo 2019. For more info, see: Battery Show & Electric Vehicle Technology

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Cleantron in Eindhoven

The Energy Storage event takes place on February 12, 2019 and informs you with a broad program with lectures about energy storage. The energy transition requires a clever approach to energy storage. This is not only important for a smart grid with sustainable renewable energy sources, but also for electric vehicles, transportation & distribution in general, buildings, data centers and overall infrastructure. For more info see: Energy Storage NL

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Cleantron @ BatteryDay Automotive Campus Helmond

At this Workshop on December 6 at the Automotive Campus, the entire battery technology chain will be discussed; from new chemistries, advanced battery management to recycling. Cleantron is presenting Advanced Modularity in Li-ion Systems for Mobility.
For more information: Program BatteryDay

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Meet Cleantron in Strasbourg

At the International AABC Europe 2019, Cleantron presents her latest technology in the field of Urban Mobility and Automotive applications.

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