Partners in Business

As advanced Li-ion Battery Pack supplier Cleantron participates in the Dutch-German collaborative governmental intiative to stimulate sustainable urban electric mobility. For more information see:

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Cleantron empowers Berlin

Last summer Cleantron enabled Shared-Use-Scooter-Platform Provider e-Mio, to exploit succesfully a fleet of over 100 electric scooters in Berlin with easy exchangeable portable 48V batterypacks.
Clean affordable personal transportation through the city! Have a look at the clip.

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Reliability pays back

At the DSEI in London Cleantron will introduce unique Battery Packs suitable for Unmanned Systems.
The Packs are not build with LiPo cells but with more secure and stable cylindrical high power cells equipped with a BMS. This allows a significant higher amount of cycles, simplified charging and enhanced communication, which results in a more reliable operating Unmanned System or Industrial AGV.

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Meet Cleantron

Make an appointment and meet Cleantron on one of the following exhibitions

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Ramping up!

Cleantron is expanding her production and prototyping capacity. Have a look at our ISO certified plant from the sky.

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Running a Marathon with Cleantron

Cleantron is sponsoring the TU/Ecomotive student-team of Eindhoven University of Technology, that participates in the 2015 edition of the Shell Eco-Marathon. Cleantron is supporting the development and building the batterypacks.

Students TU Eindhoven building Revolutionary Electric Car.Click here for the website (External link, Dutch only).

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e-Cartec 2014, Munich

From October 21 till October 23, Cleantron was present on the e-Cartec in Munich. Cleantron presented the Cleantron Portable Pack for e-Scooters and light Electric Motorbikes and the Cleantron C2 (715Wh/24V/28Ah) especially designed to replace lead-acid batteries.


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Green Light

With Rijkswaterstaat (the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment), Cleantron works on robust, more sustainable waterway navigation lighting on the Dutch rivers and the North Sea, with less maintenance costs.

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Dutch Design & Technology

Premium bike builder B4 Bikes, builds e-cruizers inspired on 100 year old designs and is empowered by 21 st century Cleantron technology.

B4Bikes exhibits at the motorexpo in London on June 9th – 15th.

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Hannover Messe

Cleantron has been introduced to the European industry on the Hannover Messe.
Cleantron participated in the Holland Pavilion which was visited by Chancellor Angela Merkel and Dutch PM Mark Rutte.

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