Standard testing
Cleantron performs UN38.3 certification for transport of lithum battery packs
Cleantron collaborates with DEKRA for standard certification tests.

Test development

Knowledge is better then confiidence
Develop with Cleantron the most appropriate test for your application and have it executed. Cleantron collaborates with numerous Test Institutes and Technical Universities in the Benelux and Germany.
On request, Cleantron can also run a PPAP (pre-production approval process) for you.
By building up initial statistics Cleantron can deliver insights in the performance and interaction of the battery pack with your product. Insights that you want to have before introducing the product on the market.

EU Legislation
Cleantron collaborates and exchanges experiences with BESTEC, the European Commission bureau for the upcoming legislation in the field of lightweight lithium technology.

Production Certification

ISO based production
The new plant of Cleantron is ISO 9001 and ISO 9001 certified

cleantron bsi iso9001