Common sense

  • First and above all: Cleantron produces good quality lithium battery packs by quality control at the suppliers site, in-line cell testing & monitoring and consistent industrialized assembly.
  • Compared to the current business practices in this globalized market, Cleantron produces already greener by not producing poor quality battery packs ánd avoiding long distance transportation of poor quality battery packs.

Advanced technology

Cleantron invests in advanced technologies, in order to make lithium technology more affordable and greener:

  • ICD
    Cleantron’s ICD (Individual Cell Data) Technology manages the cells better, extending the lifetime. It is used in applications where the additional costs of the Pack are balanced out by a longer lifetime and lower exchange/maintenance costs.
  • DCC
    Cleantron’s DCC (Dissimilar Cell Collaboration) Technology is an innovative technology making the Cleantron cleantech batteries increasingly robust as it allows disssimilar cells to collaborate under an innovative battery management system.


  • Cell Pooling
    Above mentioned technologies do allow Cell Pooling: here the additional costs of these technolgies must be balanced out by the residual value of the used Cleantron cells allowing structural re-use of lithium cells. In other words: a payback from Cleantron for her used cells lowers your costs. Cleantron runs pilots with selected Fleetowners and OEM that are interested in offering their customers a more affordable and greener product.

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