Our Business

Cleantron is a producer of cleantech batterypacks based on lithium chemistries.
Cleantron produces against customer specification or engineers batterypacks, fulfilling the customer functional requirements. Cleantron works knowledge based, puts the customer requirements central and strives for long term business relationships with her customer.

It is our mission to make lithium battery technology affordable and the technology of choice.
Cleantron makes battery packs continuously cleaner by fully utilising the full value of lithium cell-technology, by producing better packs and by developing smarter cell-management allowing cell re-use, resulting in a lower total cost of ownership for our customer.

Our objectives & strategies are:

  • Lower costs of product due to a longer lifetime.
  • Lower costs of service by an increased operational reliability based on real time lifetime prediction
  • Improved LCA by intelligent re-use of materials

Cleantron works together with Universities, Knowledge institutes and Authorities: Technical Universities in the Netherlands & Belgium, DEKRA and the European Commission.

INND (Innovation > Industrialized) is owner of Cleantron.
INND is a development company that invests in cleantech.
For more information see: www.innd.nl


On 20 minutes distance from Amsterdam Schiphol Airport

  • Cleantron
  • Pesetaweg 37,
  • 2153 PJ Nieuw-Vennep,
  • The Netherlands
  • Phone: +31 71 887 60 76
  • Email: info@cleantron.nl