Use smart technology smart

On the bases of your functional requirements Cleantron can determine your battery specifications.
Cleantron has experience in a variety of markets.

  • e-Mobility:
    e-Bikes, e-Scooters, Light Electric Vehicles
  • Healthcare appliances:
    Mobility Scooters, Wheelchairs, Intra Clinical Transportation & MediCarts
  • Mobile equipment:
    Cordless Electric Indoor Transport & Cleaning
  • Solar Off-grid appliances:
    Waterway Navigation, Traffic systems, Marine, Offshore, Vending machines & Outdoor remote measuring devices.

Markets that require predictable, robust, high quality batteries in combination with a low weight or power assurance, all with a need for an affordable price, a responsive leadtime (production in the Netherlands) and an attractive Total Costs of Ownership.

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Pack Design
How to use smart technology smart

On the bases of your battery specifications Cleantron can determine for you the most appropriate lithium technology.

Cleantron can turn your requirements into a cleantech solution, using the following parameters:

  • The Chemistry
    Based on your application, Cleantron can advise on the feasibility of using Lithium wisely. If the Lithium technology is indeed feasible for your application, we can advise you on the best suitable Lithium Chemistries: LifePO4, NMC or other upcoming technologies like for instance Lithium Titanate.
  • The Cell Technology
    Cleantron works with best-in-class Cell producers (Panasonic, Samsung, SAFT a.o.) using 18650 or 26650 cells. By occasion we can use alternative suppliers or niche Cell-technologies.
  • The Pack Design
    All Cleantron cleantech batteries are based on our robust structural design philosophy. The structure independently suspens the Cells, has an intrinsic optimal thermal management and the cell connections are mechanically made, avoiding soldering and adhesives, technologies that can introduce potential mechanical failure.
  • Battery Management
    Dependent upon your application, the required robustness and the costs of failure, Cleantron will select the best suited Battery Management System, with passive balancing or active balancing.

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End Product Integration
Smart technology depends on good execution

Cleantron offers an holistic approach by also looking after the end product integration and prototyping:

  • at the side of the battery: Tailored Pack Design.
    • Safety & pack stability
    • Mechanical impact
    • Battery Management: passive balancing or active balancing
    • Geometric engineering
    • Thermal management
    • Industrial Design for premium appearance
  • at the side of your product: End Product Integration.
    • Endproduct design FMEA to define battery pack requirements
    • User Interface & monitoring
    • Connectivity allowing remote monitoring
    • Ergonomics (weight, handling, positioning)
  • Prototyping
    • Prototyping
    • Testing: develop with Cleantron the most appropriate test for your application and have it executed.
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