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Cleantron at EVS in Lyon

This year’s EVS (See also EVS32) is taking place Lyon, France, from the 19th to the 22nd of May 2019. It is the most long-standing electric mobility forum in Europe. This year’s topics include autonomous vehicles, charging infrastructure, battery technology, mobility services, smart grid V2X, Hydrogen, electric heavy duty transportation and urban mobility.

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Meet Cleantron in Stuttgart

From May 7 -9 Cleantron exhibits in Stuttgart at the combined “Battery Show” and “Electric & Hybrid Vehicle Technology Expo 2019. For more info, see: Battery Show & Electric Vehicle Technology

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Cleantron in Eindhoven

The Energy Storage event takes place on February 12, 2019 and informs you with a broad program with lectures about energy storage. The energy transition requires a clever approach to energy storage. This is not only important for a smart grid with sustainable renewable energy sources, but also for electric vehicles, transportation & distribution in general, buildings, data centers and overall infrastructure. For more info see: Energy Storage NL

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Cleantron @ BatteryDay Automotive Campus Helmond

At this Workshop on December 6 at the Automotive Campus, the entire battery technology chain will be discussed; from new chemistries, advanced battery management to recycling. Cleantron is presenting Advanced Modularity in Li-ion Systems for Mobility.
For more information: Program BatteryDay

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Meet Cleantron in Strasbourg

At the International AABC Europe 2019, Cleantron presents her latest technology in the field of Urban Mobility and Automotive applications.

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    Visit us in Den Bosch, the Netherlands @ Ecomobiel on October 9, 10 & 11

Visit us in Den Bosch, the Netherlands @ Ecomobiel on October 9, 10 & 11

Ecomobiel has grown to become the biggest platform for innovative and sustainable mobility in the Benelux. Cleantron will showcase Scoozy, the Dutch Mobility Scooter, that is not just a helping aid but a cool gadget, and world’s first circular Car Noah, both empowered by Cleantron. Meet Cleantron at Booth E051. For more look at: Ecomobiel.

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Meet Cleantron in Regensburg

On July 17 at the event “Mobile Tuesday” in Regensburg, Cleantron will be presenting a Paper on Modular Lithium-ion Systems for Electric Vehicles. View also: Regensburg Event

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Factors for the success of a clean transportation sector

Visit Cleantron at the Power2Drive Europe Exhibition in Munich (Hall C2.380).
The exhibition Power2Drive showcases technologies for electric vehicles and reflects the interaction between electric vehicles and a sustainable and environmentally friendly energy supply. It is an industry hotspot for suppliers, manufacturers, distributors and start-ups in the emerging field of electric mobility and transportation.

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Empowering the future-proof Car

The Noah is world’s first circular Car. Designed by Eindhoven University it is mostly build from recyclable & organic materials and weighs only 350kg. It is equipped with modular batterypacks from Cleantron (15kW) and reaches a topspeed of 100 kph.

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    Lina, lightweight, bio-based, City Car for Car Sharing, powered by Cleantron

Lina, lightweight, bio-based, City Car for Car Sharing, powered by Cleantron

Lina is a four-seat efficient electrical City Car. Lina weighs only 300 kilograms which is realized using a structural bio composite material. This material is comparable with carbon fibre, but more than 90% biological. Lina’s chassis is based on a sandwich construction, realized by pressing two composite sheets against a 95% biological honeycomb PLA. see BBC video

Battery Pack.
Lina is equipped with three 48V 1,9kWh lithium-ion battery packs from Cleantron. The Portable Batteries have a high energy density, are lightweight and are therefore easy to swap. A feature making Lina also future proof are the NFC tags in her doors; Lina can be unlocked with your smartphone. This enables the car to recognize the user and adapting to the user’s personal settings like a music playlist or phone contacts. These features make Lina perfect for Car Sharing Services. Lina is developed by the Ecomotive team of the University of Eindhoven and will be driving in 2017. See also: Website Eindhoven University team TU-Ecomotive

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