Design for Assembly
Cleantron produces her cleantech batteries in a new assembly plant located in the Netherlands.
All cleantech batteries are based on a Design for Assembly. The design, where the Cells are independently suspended, uses industrial connective technologies. By this we always try to avoid soldering and the use of adhesives because of the associated failure mechanisms. The human factor is restricted to inlay, manipulation and visual inspection; the selection and assembly process itself is automated, securing consistent quality.

ISO based Production
Cleantron sources on a component level in Asia and Europe where local Cleantron engineers perform quality inspection. After acceptance at the suppliers site there is still an inhouse inspection of incoming goods, including an automated individual in-line cell measurement and selection, before assembly. After assembly, every Pack is Cycle Tested. This approach is the blueprint and backbone of our production logistics. By this Cleantron limits quality fluctuations significantly and stimulates her supplier to continuous improvements.

Lower your working capital & quality costs
By producing in Europe, Cleantron can offer her customers an average delivery time of 4 weeks. Based on rolling forecasting, Cleantron can offer even shorter delivery times. Compared to the import of Asian batterypacks, this is only a third of the leadtime.
Cleantrons proximity and lean organisation supports clear communication and reduces the chance on misunderstandings and disappointing or delayed deliveries.